We will drive to the Temple of Apollon Epicurius, going through the little traditional village called Adritsaina. This well-preserved Temple was built by Iktinos, between 430 – 410 B.C. It was constructed from the inhabitants of Figaleia in honor of Apollon and in gratitude for their salvation from disease. It is the only building which combined elements of three architectural styles in antiquity, Doric, Ionic and Corinthian, and was the first monument in Greece to be included in the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1986. The temple is located 90 km away east from Katakolon Port and it takes about 80 minutes driving to get there. We must start as early as we can and of course we must visit it at the beginning of the tour.

It takes about 1 hour to visit and explore the temple thoroughly. If your tour option is only the Temple of Apollon Epicurius, then you need at least 4 hours. If you decide to visit both, the Temple of Apollon Epicurius and the ruins of Olympia, then you need at least 6 hours and 7 + hours, if we add the winery visit or the lunch. We need about 55 minutes driving from the temple to Olympia, because we will follow different roads.

The Temple of Apollon Epicurius can be combined with the incredible river of Neda.