Neda River is a river located in southwestern Greece. It is the second-longest river in the Peloponnese region, after the Alfeios River. The river is 110 km (68 mi) long, and its drainage area is 1,415 km2 (545 sq mi).

The Neda River originates in the Pindus mountains, near the village of Neda in the municipality of West Achaea. It flows generally southwestward through the Achaea and Messenia regions, past the towns of Kalavryta, Tripoli, and Megalopoli. It empties into the Ionian Sea south of Kyparissia, in the municipality of Elis.

The Neda River is the primary water source for the Neda Valley and for a large part of the Peloponnese peninsula. It is also used for irrigation and for hydroelectric power generation.

The upper course of the Neda River is popular with hikers and climbers. There are several gorges and waterfalls in the area, as well as a number of caves. The best-known of these is the Cave of the Nymphs, which is located near the village of Kleitoria.